I drove hockeyswedes and her friend to a festival 40 minutes away from home and now I’m lying in the backseat of my car in a parking lot waiting for them to be done partying so I can drive us all back home

Shout out to jojenon that was my personal chauffeur this weekend when I was out drinking way to much, touching butts, dancing and laughing. At least we had some good stories to tell her on the drives home afterwards.

great weekend thank you jenny!


Gabe on a Segway is apparently a menace. No one surprised.

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i love this clarres jävla skratt

jojenon asked:


Skellefteå Hockey League Answer:






do you want me to follow u again?

jojenon, you are weak!

are they bullying you agnes do you want me to take em out back, rough em up a bit you know

yeah go for it they’ve said all kinds of mean stuff and you can kill isabella too she called me asshole

heeeeey, I only liked a post! I never said anything!