Snow White has the Seven Dwarfs - Småkronornas(team sweden/little crowns) coach Roger Rönnberg has his Seven Crowns. But which players hide behind the characters Doc, Dopey, Bashful, Happy, Butter, Sleepy and Sneezy? Aftonbladet(a swedish newspaper) gave the assignment to William Karlsson.

Happy: Rasmus Bengtsson
William’s comment: He always has a smile on his face. Even now that he has missed two games due to injury, it’s been he that have worked the hardest to ensure that the atmosphere in the team is on top. One example is when we travel by bus, then it is always Rasmus who kicks off chants to get the guys started.

Grumpy: Elias Lindholm
William’s comment: He can be grumpy when things do not go his way. You can say that he is Brynäs-grumpy, we had Johan Larsson last year. Elias really wants to win and it shows on the ice, he’s a hell of a fighter. Even when we play soccer before the game and he loses, he gets pretty grumpy.

Dopey: Sebastian Collberg
William’s comment: You never know what he will do. He is very lively and like to have fun. It’s not so much practical jokes, and so, more stuff that comes spontaneously. Just before the games, he can stand up in the locker room and start dancing.

Doc: Oscar Dansk
William’s comment: Here I must say Dansk. He is the most educated in the team and often comes with smart comments. Though he is one of the youngest in the team, he is actually like a little old man. He has an eye on the most things, and most preferably when it comes to hockey. Dansk know almost every player.

Sleepy: William Karlsson
William’s comment: It has to be myself. I’m like that as a person and every morning is a struggle to get my eyes open. If I ever overslept and got to practice late? No, but once I was saved by Patrik Carlsson (teammate in HV 71) who called and woke me up. 

Sneezy: Rickard Rakell
William’s comment: Rakell has a runny nose half of the time and is scared for it to get worse. He likes to eat a lot of c-vitamin tablets. The whole team usually get one of those tablets at breakfast, but Rakell also take one to lunch. In addition, he always uses hand sanitizer.

Bashful: Christian Djoos
William’s comment: When you don’t know him, he doesn’t say much and keeps mostly to himself. He is not someone who takes that much space in the dressing room. Christian is fairly new to the team, although he was at the camp in Norrtälje last summer. Now when you get to know him better, it’s a really nice guy and he has become more comfortable in the group.


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